Prof. Chris Greene
I frequently taught quantum mechanics at CU Boulder . For my new contact information, refer to the following page new location

My research specialty is in theoretical atomic and molecular physics, with emphasis on electron correlations, Bose-Einstein Condensation, ultra-cold atomic collisions, dissociative recombination, and other nonperturbative interactions. Here is a pointer to some current and recent group members, and some of our work. If you're having a slow day, and looking for fun things to do, don't hesitate to turn in your vast spare time to our papers, or even to my curriculum vitae . Here is a link to a discussion of our Fall 2000 prediction of an unusual class of long-range Rydberg molecules whose electronic density resembles a trilobite. 

 My faculty responsibilities include instructing eager young minds about the intricacies of our physical world, and also spending time working hard with my research group, uncovering the laws of nature. 

 Lastly, I am indebted to my lovely wife, Claudia Mueller, a shining light in my existence.

Magnets and angular momentum
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